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Vandals Target Rainbow Crosswalk in Auckland, Suspects’ Photos Released

ننقل لكم في موقع كتاكيت مقال Vandals Target Rainbow Crosswalk in Auckland, Suspects’ Photos Released

The vibrant hues of the rainbow crossing on Auckland’s Karangahape Road were tarnished by an act of vandalism, prompting a police investigation. In response to the incident, authorities have released photos of the suspects, seeking assistance from the public to identify those responsible for the defacement. Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown condemned the crime, emphasizing the city’s zero tolerance for such acts of hate and the unnecessary costs incurred to restore the landmark. Key takeaways Auckland’s rainbow crossing on Karangahape Road was vandalised. Police have shared photos of the suspects involved. Mayor Wayne Brown expressed his disdain for the crime. The community has rallied in support of the LGBTQ+ safe space. The Auckland community stands united against the vandalism of the Karangahape Road rainbow crossing, with police actively seeking the perpetrators and the public condemning the act. Auckland Mayor and Community Denounce Vandalism Mayor Wayne Brown’s strong words reflect the city’s stance against the recent vandalism. The defacing of the rainbow crossing, a symbol of diversity and inclusion, has been met with widespread disapproval. The mayor’s frustration is not only with the intolerance displayed but also with the financial implications of repairing the damage to this community landmark. Community members like Bones Dreadon have voiced their shock and resilience in the face of this hate crime. The act has served to strengthen the unity within the LGBTQ+ community, turning an act meant to intimidate into one that galvanizes support and solidarity on Karangahape Road. Police Seek Help to Catch Vandals In the aftermath of the vandalism,…

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